Gran Canaria Train Service Opens in 2018

The latest feasibility study conducted by Ineco, the public entity of the Ministry of Public Works, responsible for the planning and monitoring of the new Gran Canaria train service, suggests that 14.6 million passengers will use the new service during the first year of operation, a figure that is comparable to the current Global bus service.

The new railway in Gran Canaria will create 18,000 jobs during the four years of its construction, using 12,000 tons of iron. Journey time from Santa Catalina in Las Palmas to Meloneras will be around twenty minutes by direct route, moving around 14.6 million passengers in the first year of operation.

Ticket prices will be comparable to the current Global bus service. The total cost of the work is 1,545 million euros, which includes installation of 57.6 kilometres of track, the building of eleven stations, power lines, driveways, land expropriation and a wind farm that will produce 30 megawatts per hour to power the service.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm of the current PP (right wing) administration, 18 to 24 million euros have already been spent on the project and that the funds allocated from central government cannot be spent on other island projects.

The first option is that the state will continue to bear the total construction costs, as planned before the economic crisis. A second alternative is the use of private funding and contracts with foreign investors.

Projects will be delivered in mid-2014 and work could begin immediately, to begin the new service in 2018.